Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Friendy's - Sappy BF Styles

So this has been a long time coming:

…why I want to watch X-Men 3 with you, just so I can see you get all worked about it
…when you said you’d protect me from the scary things in the dark
…Toronto, set ablaze by the sun
…how you make me laugh, even though your jokes are so corny
…how ‘Into Your Hideout’ will mean something completely different to me now
…the Long Kiss Goodnight and how he TOOK LESSONS!
…changing your msn to ‘our’ inside joke
…how I smell like cigarette smoke afterwards and don’t care
…how you make tea just right
…how I ate more pizza than I should’ve, just to impress you
…you telling me you were impressed
…you texting me when I was sitting right beside you
…that smirk you have on your face when you think you’ve said something clever

…visiting downtown Oakville, TO, and Burlington
…why I’m so ahead in my work, so I can spend more time with you
…the butterflies I feel before I meet you
…the knots in my stomach at our hug goodnight
…how my texting abilities are better than yours
…how I know you’re slightly offended by that last one
…how you can be on my mind all weekend and I’m getting some of the best sleep ever
…how Mondays can’t come soon enough
…all about the apple cider
…why Dingle Park is the best park in the world
…how you remembered Johnny Cash

…the reason I’m remembering everything too, I don’t want to forget a single detail
…how I am unfolding
…why that’s because of you
…how you want to use me for my body and that’s perfectly fine
…jumping higher than you on the swings
…not admitting how scared I got being so high up in the air
…why I gush about you to all my friends
…how I figured out that Wilson went to school with you

…you sleeping on the floor beside, making sure I was ok, when I got “sick” your timing sucks glad I am your timing sucks
...why I stopped myself short in the car, while you bought your scarf (surprise!) you said it's hard to surprise you I can surprise you you wanted this little post so bad
...the random act you did that finally made me put this together I hoped I surprised you again...


Travis said...


Travis said...

seeing as no one else commented on this blog entry, I guess you could have just sent this to me, no one else thinks I am awesome.