Sunday, March 05, 2006


So this blog is all about cute things or more specifically, things I find so adorable that if you don't, I recommend you seek a mental help professionial.

First up on the list, Ms. Piggy! My joy aka my hamster. She's so cute! And no, the way I'm holding her has nothing to do with how fat her cheeks look, they really were that big when I took this picture; so big in fact, that the cheek on the right expanded to just behind her adorable little head. But her cuteness also lies in the sounds she makes, she squeaks and nibbles on everything, think of an old lady secretary, wearing little glasses resting on her nose, wearing a shawl that's connected by a metal chain, typing away on a typewriter - that's how my hamster sounds when she eats. Thank you Jamie for that analogy.

Second on the list - Chinchillas aka the pet I plan on getting when I move out on my own and hopefully find my calling in the world. Also, I want one so I can name it Chinny Or Chilly. Or Chilly-Chin (just thought of that one!)
But yes, not only are these adorable creatures a mixture of guinea pig and rabbit and hamster, they bathe in dust! DUST!
And that fat adorable body! Awwww, I want 12 already!

Like honestly. This isn't funny anymore. I mean the macho-est guy on the planet could not have stopped himself from just saying a little "Aw". I think what makes this one picture so damn cute is that you can't see the kitten's paws or legs for that matter. It just looks like a soft cuddly log of kitten. Like when it wakes up, it's gonna inch it's way to you like an earthworm. Don't you just wanna sleep on this?!

And last but not least, ME! Now some of you might be absolutely stunned by how enormous my ego is with me having a blog about how adorable I think I am. But damn it, we need more positive reaffirmation about OURSELVES in this world. Too much crap about how too fat we are, or too skinny or too hairy or too whatever. I have a positive outlook about my apperance and my personality; and try hard not to believe that someone is too good for me or outta my league. I'm adorable and know it honey!
Ok maybe that kitten is cuter than I...

Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Friendy's

So the winner of this week's 'Friendy's' is Mima! Or as her name is pronounced on her voicemail: "MIIIIIIIMMMMMMMAAAAAAA"

And well deserved! So why has Mima won this round? Let's go through the many many reasons why Mima is my friend and why I like her.

1. She lowers my Kinsey number; ok, she lowers it by decimal points, but she still lowers it. I'm a 6.0, but when I'm around Mima I'm a 5.99995 or there abouts. The girl ALWAYS looks flawless - like no matter where we go. Montana's? Backyard BBQ? the corner of uggy and stank? FLAWLESS.

2. It could be months in between visits with this girl and I will never get the "hey, how's it goin?" *looks away because she really doesn't care* look. She makes direct eye contact, hugs for dear life (and not that "butt sticking out" hug either) stops blinking when she asks how I've been, and will smile and wait for my response. I can't simply tell her "nuttin' much, you?" I have to make anything I've done recently seem so elaborate, because SHE puts in the effort in asking, I gotta put in the effort for telling.

3. The girl is STACKED!
Like Christ Almighty. Even I can't help but stare and I just hope she doesn't notice. They alone drop my kinsey number to 5.9
We call this girl Blessed, y'all.
4. I can talk to her about any topic, no matter the setting. With Bren and Jen, certain topics, must be discussed within the confines of a house setting, or relatively empty bar (or 'bah'). With Mima, while eating delicious Peach Cobbler at Montana's we talked about, IN order: Goregous men, good sex, penis size, how men suck, penis size, kinky shit we've done with guys, again how men suck and then stressing that size doesn't matter, but extra anything is always a nice bonus. This delicious meal was then taken to Chapters where we looked up sex books and giggled away at the photos. Oh and laughed at the middle aged Indian man looking in the erotica section.
5. We both like Dead Like Me.
And for all these reasons and many more than I can't quite recall - Mima is the second winner of the sorta weekly Friendy's!