Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Shamoun-Sobik Dictionary

My friend Ashorina and I are two peas in a pod, a hilarious pod. When we're not laughing at people or eachother, we're saying some of the most complex words you could think of. This led to the creation of the "Book of Verbalicious Terminological Spoken Things". Or a dictionary. Below is a list of words/sayings/slang that we hope we make it's way to the Merriam-Webster 2007 edition (or if all goes well during the revolution the Shamoun-Sobik Dictionary, FIRST edition.)

  1. Delicious and Deliciousier - used together in describing two different by related delicious food and drink items. "I want to eat delicious things and drink deliciousier things."
  2. Deliciousity - the nature of being delicious.
  3. Seriousity - the nature of being serious.
  4. Diahrear - illness causing great pain to the pooper.
  5. Verbication - the way words are spoken.
  6. Terriferred - being scared but more so.
  7. Kabillion - billion to the jillionith power.
  8. Jillion - a lot.
  9. Awesomeness - the nature of being awesome.
  10. "Cram it in there" (slang) - the ability to Cram "it" in "there"; where "it" is a knowledgable informative factoid and "there" is one's head.
  11. Plumbink - 1. anything to do with internal piping at home 2. said over and over and over again in making fun of someone of eastern european descent (particularly a father figure).
  12. -ink - added to any word ending with -ing to add hilariousity
  13. Hilariousity - the nature of being hilarious
  14. "How does that make you feel?" (Doctoral Slang) - asked when one doesn't care how another feels.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Take Two!

I think I'm the only human being on the planet that enjoys sequels a little bit better than the originals. Case in point are the three movies described below with my reasoning as to why they are better than the originals:
I must of watched this movie 12 times and still never bore of it. Joan Cusack as the nanny we love to hate - Debbie Jellinsky. Seeing Dana Ivey as the newest family member (she ran off with Cousin Itt and had his hairy child) was something that made my jaw drop; she was integrated into the family, oh the power it has! Then there's Christina Ricci who became my new god with everything she said in this movie. "For all these crimes, I've decided to scalp you and burn your village to the ground" - MARVELOUS!

Everyone I know all LOVED "American Psycho" with Christian Bale; I did not. Snore is what I thought when I watched the movie. I watched it once and didn't want to give it another thought. Then I saw the sequal, American Psycho 2 starring Mila Kunis and was in complete awe. Mila can actually act! I was surprised, she plays off a psycho with a whole new twist, not so much being run by her psychotic thoughts but more rationalizing her actions to suit her dream - advancing her career. When she kills someone you sorta have to think "well it makes sense" for a split second and then you realize that killing is wrong and your conscience kicks in. Another winner.

And finally the best sequel of them all, Batman Returns. Again, I didn't enjoy the first, too much politics and too many males. Notice how all the villians in these sequels are females, coincedence? I think not. Two words as to why this sequel rocks the original - Michelle Pfeiffer. The perfect selection for Catwomen, graceful but deadly and to think it was first offered to Julia Roberts. Again, I must've seen this movie about 12 times and after the 3rd time, was able to fast forward like a champ to all my favourite parts - Catwoman scenes. "I don't know about you Ms. Kitty, but I'm feeling so much yummier" - honestly, is there any quote you can think of that's sexier and scarier?

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

America's Last Top Model

Okay, so I think I'll be labelled a huge loser for this blog for two reasons. One being my second blog of the day and two it's in response to the last season of a reality show (just tacky). But I'm obsessed with glamour. If a model looks flawless in a picture, I literally stop and gawk. But it has to be EVERYTHING about the picture that grabs my attention; if I find even the smallest flaw, I'll hate the picture forever and whatever or whomever is in it.

So, because I am addicted to America's Next Top Model (thanks Jamie; no really, THANK you) and because this season is rather addictive, but the photos are not the best; I'm gonna comment on last season's photos and models, hilariously.

Ah Christina. This photo is perfect! Here she is protraying the deadly sin of 'Lust' and I think she does it flawlessly. It's not just that she's in red lingerie but it's her pose. The hair is perfect (gives it a 1940's touch I think; and we all know they were mad-horny back then) as is her make-up, it is over the top, but that's to accentuate her sexiness. Her look reminds me of seductress, not a whore or hooker, but just class. Sex and Class. Lust is so much more than sex, it's everything before sex - and she got that.

Michelle is representing the deadly sin of Pride. Again, another winner. It's completely over-aggregated and almost has a snobbish feel to it - and it's THIS that makes it perfect! That's what pride is, making others feels that little bit of insecurity about any accomplishments they have; because someone has some that are so much better. Her make-up is too much but it works again, she needs it to make herself feel proud. You can't see it in the picture, but she's holding a trophy and her pose (her legs up and one sort of crossed over the other) is a perfect pose. It's almost like she's in mid leg-flick do to be so damn proud of herself.

I've heard perfection it's called "Ain't No Sunshine" by Christina Christian. I've tasted perfection it's called "Dairy Cream Ice Cream Cake" but by God, I've now seen it and it's called Kahleen. I'm absolutely in love with this picture! The look on her face, the pose her body takes (she's trying to get out of the coffin, her arms and legs hitting hard against the coffin) her make-up and I think what seals the deal here, is her teeth. They're almost fang-like - if she finds you, she's gonna get you. The outfit is another stunner - a corset with a thick collar - sexy but not cheesy like she belongs to the Addams Family. Flawless.

Hard to believe this Sun Goddess of the Forest is the Deadly Sin of Wrath, no? But they are! Her hair, her look (although I admit, her mouth is slightly agap, but that's what touch-ups are for!) the way the sun reflects off her hair - another amazing photo. Her pose as well, she's lying on a log in front of a waterfall. Looks like she's heard something and is checking it out; just like an animal, dare I say Lionness? Perfection again.

Naima, the winner of America's Next Top Model Season 4. And I have to admit, if the title was given based on this photo it was well deserved. It's not her face (because she poses the exact same face, EVERY time; you need a cheetah? the sin of envy? an alien on her carhood? no problem naima can do all three! just put a new backgroud in and poof you just saved yourself a mighty pretty penny) but her pose. She's sold this picture based on her body alone. She's looks incredibly tall, looking straight in the camera, knowing she has all those men wrapped around her finger and it looks like she was just caught doing an incredibly sexy dance. The arching of her back and flick of her wrist (which unfortunately got cut off) was perfect.

Now my pick for America's Next Top Model Season 5 will be announced soon, I'm conflicted right now, none of the pictures are something that have made my jaw dropped. But I think after this episode I should have my top 2 (and I'm fairly certain they won't be Jayla or Nik) At most I'll have my top 3. Stay tuned.

My Jen

Here you see pictured the ridonkously beauty known simply but eloquently as "Jen". I recently received a phone call from this exquisite beauty wishing me a Happy Birthday.

Now before this wonderful surprise, I asked "Who is this?" because Jen gave me the "It's Me" on the phone, which she is completely entitled to. Followed with a Happy Birthday and a "I miss you; but I think you don't miss me as much as I miss you!". I was shocked.

How could I not miss Jen? One of my bestest friends, knows pretty much everything about me, same on my end about her. But the truth is, I know a bajillion "Jens". It really is hard keeping track of everyone of them. To prove my point, I shall list them all with a funny little something beside each:

Jennifer "Jen" Gayagoy - Best friend of 19 years now - convinced she suffers from ADD, she remembers NOTHING.

Jennifer "Jenn" Stapleton - Vegan fellow engineer. Stupid Vegans.

Jennifer "Jen" Assal - I've talked to her twice. She's Egyptian

Jennifer "Jen" Lee - She's CHINESE INCORPORATED!

Jennie "Jennie" Nickerson - Not a "Jen" but close enough

Jennifer "Jen" Tung - She's a ho. A big one.

Jennifer "Jen" Shaw - I worked with her. She's a terrible BUT hilarious drunk.

Jennifer "Jenn" Trieu - She's Peter's girlfriend. She thinks I'll date Jamie.

And last but not least:

Jennifer "Jen" C. (can't spell last anymore) - She has a lot of hair. A LOT.

So you see!!!! That's 9 individuals all with the same bloody name. Of course I'm going to be confused!

P.S. - BRENDAN ROCKS! He got me "Clone High Season One" on DVD. AND he's dating Jen C - coincedence? I don't think so!


Happy Birthday to ME!

Go Darek, Go Darek! It's your birthday! I figured since *takes a deep breath* Jamie, Jay, Earl, and Emil all have these nifty little blogspots, I'll be original and copy them.
Now onto more important matters, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! 22 years old I am. So instead of boring my new readers with crap like "I've grown so much this past year" and "All we can really wait for is the future to come" I'm just going to tell you about my day.
Woke up at 7:30am, oddly enough, refreshed, not energized, but refreshed. Walked down to Cooksville Go Station and made my train with plenty of time to spare (for some reason this always feels good, commuters can I get a "Holla" as the hip youngsters are saying these days?) Had a midterm today, which by all definitions sucked the big one, I however, ROCKED IT. At least I think I did. No question went unanswered and no answer was pulled outta my ass. I studied about 15 hours in total for this midterm, so anything less than an 80 and I will DEFINATELY not be impressed.
Anyways, had me some lunch at 12, and worked a bit on my economics assignment that's due tomorrow at 9am and was invited out to lunch by Bren AND Rob - I was touched, truly truly touched.Went to my classes when I was suppose too, again, with time to spare, took excellent notes, didnt dilly dally, chastised my friends for not wishing me a 'Happy Birthday' (not you bren, 1245 IN THE A.M. - very impressive). At around 3, got a voicemail from my special guy, wishing me a happy and 'profitable' birthday (I found it cute). Then paired up with my good friend Jenn to start off our Steel and Timbers Project. This day was rocking!
Then I got home and I can already see people frowning a bit thinking something horrible occurred, BUT IT DIDN'T! My mom stood by the door as I walked in and *get ready to cry everyone* sang me 'Happy Birthday' just her to me! Followed with "I love you Darciu" (pronouced Dar-Chu). This is the woman that said I broke her heart a year ago and today I got this! I LOVE MY MUDDA!
Cake, delicious Ice Cream cake from Dairy Cream was had. While photos were taken with my spankin' new digital camera. The rest of the night was talking with Jen C (whom I TOTALLY miss, you'll get a blog post all to you!) then with Ryan and then various others all wishing me a Happy Birthday.
I think this was probably one of the best birthdays I've ever had. Ever. Midterm and all.