Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Contract

So after hearing how much fun Jamie has with his co-worker Sasha about their betting game with America’s/Canada’s Next Top Model to figure out the winner, I decided to have one with my dear friend Robyn aka Perfection.

So, we each chose 6 girls, where if the 1st or 2nd girl wins on either list, then the loser has to treat the winner to a classy restaurant. If the 3rd or 4th girl on the list wins then dinner will be had at a regular sit down place located anywhere downtown. IF the 5th or 6th girl on the list wins, then dinner has to be made by the loser for the winner.

After writing up the contract we had the difficult decision of figuring what to do if the one girl neither of us picks, wins. So, we asked our dear friend Carolyn (batman from the previous post) to be our witness for this contract and be the holder of said contract. If the one girl that neither of us liked wins, Robyn and I will make Carolyn dinner.
Below are Robyn’s, Carolyn’s (by default) and Yours Truly picks. We picked 6 each and then if we chose the same girl, we would rock paper scissor to keep her, the loser picks another girl – I lost two out of three of these rounds, so my selection isn’t the greatest…

Robyn’s Choices:

1. Megan aka Kim from season 6
Damn girl, I wanted this one! Not like she’ll win, she’s 23, and therefore expired. But still, she looks like Kim, quite possibly the only lesbian I liked. She's got that masculine and feminine dealy down pact...but she's 23. I have to say, Robyn was rather gutsy picking Megan as her first choice to win.

2. AJ
Another one I lost :( I see nothing but potential and she’s 18, so she’s perfect age-wise. She has striking features, and posed for her picture, that’s always a good sign. Yes, she did the hand on hip action and that awkward head tilting that actually looks awkward but look at her! Just sweet, sexy class!

3. Brooke aka Boring
I didn’t want this one, in fact I say she’ll be the first one to go (I know Jamie is shaking his head - sorry Jamie, you see potential, I see a blond Sara Rue) but I don’t see anything that makes me want to stop and look at her. But what do I know? Oh wait, I picked ANDREA from CNTM as the winner from her terrible picture with brown hair!!!

Anyone else see it?

4. Jaeda aka the tranny
Yeah…I dunno WHAT Robyn was thinking. I see Mr. J in drag. I expect to see her weenis popping out if she turned to face us head on...but maybe I'm just not able to look beneath her tranny-dom and see supermodel.
And you're all looking to see if you can see her weenis aren't you??

5. Amanda
Robyn got to pick the good twin. When you see the evil twin, you’ll know what I mean. She’s thin, she’s 18, she has long hair, and isn’t afraid to use when she poses – she can multi-task y'all. Most of the other girls, are doing the boring hand over head or hand on hip dealy…
She may be doing hand on hip, BUT she's contorting her back - MULTI-TASKING!

6. Monique
Token black girl in Robyn’s list. Pfft what a racist! I think she has too much head tilt, careful Monique, or Ty-Ty's gonna pull a Nic on you. And she juts out her boobs, but she has a nice body, again, that long and lean thing. She probably has some Phantom of the Opera scarring on her face...*eyes Monique suspiciously*
My Choices:

1. Anchal or as Tyra is gonna say her name An*slightest of slightest pauses*Chal
Alrite! I admit I went with the first time minority that they used! I went with what most people would call “Exotic Beauty” and was enticed by her long hair. BUT, I saw the little blurb she had in the intro video for the season and she said if they’re gonna cut her hair, she doesn’t care – she’s here to win. Soo…she does WANT this, she does have a “healthy” figure in the modeling world (she strides that fine line between voluptuous and plus size), which is the figure most supermodels have, except for that crackhead kate moss. All she needs now is that Anglo-Indian accent and she's good as gold!

2. CariDee aka the winner
So why didn’t I put CairDee as the first choice then, well, I’M NOT A RACIST, YOU RACISTS! But seeing from what I did to her photo you can see what I saw and why I picked her. For me, she has it. I think her pictures show a great variety and she’s pretty to watch, she stops your eye and reminds me of Tricia Helfer. Therefore she is perfection.

3. Megg aka Alana from CNTM
This one I WON from rock paper scissor. She’s thin. That’s all she’s pretty much going for her. She's not too too fetching, but she's not too too plain. AAAALLLLAANNNNNNNNA!

4. Christian
My token black girl. Yes she has the hand on the leg and hand in the air. But there’s something that catches my eye when I look at her. Maybe I think she reminds of someone prettier, but she’s still nice and entertaining to look at. Also, I was forced to pick her after I lost a girl to Robyn.
But if she can work that ugly ass, one green-boobed shirt, then she's alrite in my book!

5. Michelle
The evil twin. Everyone scroll up to Amanda and now look at Michelle. You see it don’t you? There’s something off about her, but it’s too much, again, I was forced to pick her. But, long hair, tall and lean, thin – a complete bore and in other words a perfect model. P.S. She's going to be the "bad" girl...

6. Eugena
Wait a minute?! I have two black girls, I forgot – YOU’RE ALL SO RACIST!!! But she has that smirk, she looks sly, flat stomach, she has spunk, and looks good with short hair. And something about her eyes. AND LOOK, an outey belly button, like me (now, grrrrrrrrr) that's why she's last on the list...

And Carolyn’s Default Choice:

Melrose *shudders*
Does anyone see a mix of those creepy clay dolls from “The Corpse Bride” and Alexis Arquette here? This girl is so vile, she looks like the Wicked Witch of the West with no green make up. Just having her picture in my hard drive makes me feel all dirty.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Week in the Life of Darek

This was a week long project, I hope you all enjoy!

Jamie has no sense of direction
Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey is delicious
It wasn’t a Russian Roman Catholic church but a Macedonian one
Everything is closed in Streetsville on Sunday

Waking up early to go to school on your day off sucks balls
Construction workers and site supervisors aren’t so bad
I get to watch over the ROM closely for the next 6 weeks
Robyn did this to me:

and it felt great!
Robyn and I have our contract up, the next posting will explain that
Robyn thinks I have impeccable fashion style
Robyn helped me realize the tattoo I want to get

Monday, on Lakeshore, in Oakville, was freeeeeeeezing

Inukshuks are beautiful

Travis has a toupee

Zoey is adorable

Carolyn is Batman

8 am classes suck -that's how early I was at the GO statoin :(
8 am classes are quite informative (I actually enjoyed what I learned - babies are bundled up in the winter like astronauts because their volume produces the same amout of heat that they are able to lose due to their smaller surface area; this was taught in building science, so in other words, larger buildings are better at keeping themselves warm in the winter than smaller ones and better at keeping cool than smaller ones :)
Finishing your project proposal and handing it in 4 days early is a great way to start off the new year :)

5 hour breaks suck
Friends that keep you company while you’re in a funk at how lonely you are during your break rock
Text messages make smile
I’m so ridiculously happy Karen is in my Urbanization class

Dave is a geisha

Train was late again today
Travis rocks – look what he did for me – it’s my tattoo

Assignment #1 for Transportation was finished today
Listening to the old tapes I made is very nostalgic (I had Foo Fighters and the instrumental to Titanic’s “My Heart Will Go On” AND that “Don’t call me Babe” song)

Jenn likes school so much – she smiles while she sleeps in class

Pho is so utterly delicious and filling it's atrocious

Sami's back, we call eachother fucking idiots about 20 times a day - God I missed him

Yung is back and look what she wrote about me :)
Brendan has great taste in music – Apple Candy by Ben Lee is on repeat right now
I was wrong! There was no movie mistake in “Everyone’s Hero” – the City of Toronto was created in 1834
Marie is a TERRIFIC waitress

I’m still a little scared of Bob from Twin Peaks – being all alone at home…
Hehe, Dingle.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thanks Miss Piggy :)

So today was the first day of school. I woke up early and didnt have to, I tried to go back to bed and couldn't and had to walk to Union Station twice today. I had boring class right away, took me a whole 10 minutes before I checked my cell phone for the time.

I got small pick me ups during the day; Jenn accompanied me to Union for the first trip. Then we ate delicious sushi and I learned what Futo Maki was and fell in love with it. Sweet and savoury.

The next pick me up came from Travis, when he sent me "When life gives your lemons, you clone those lemons and make super lemons" seems kinda fitting to help me outta my funk. Then I learned about cement...for two hours.

Soon it became apparent to me that I had another year of school left and that I would soon have to look for a job and plan a nifty vacation when I graduate. Stuff I didn't want to think about at all. Jenn is planning on studying somewhere in Europe for two years after she graduates. Sami wants to find a better job then his last co-op placement when he graduates.

I want to learn about everything - yes I know I sound like a Dawson's Creek character. But I just want to soak up knowledge like sponge does water and then have it flow out of me, landing everywhere and hopefully educating some.

After getting home, Ashorina didn't want to hang at square one (we're drifting apart and I don't like that), a joke said to Travis backfired terribly and I realized I would have to go to bed at 10:30ish tonight so as not to be exhausted for class at 8am tomorrow.

I then took out Miss Piggy; I let her crawl around my stomach (I was wearing a shirt, you perverts) and then noticed something. She stopped moving when Evermore's 'It's Too Late' starting playing and got a lot clamer when Pilate's 'Into Your Hideout' started to play. But Miss Piggy's hearing is not the best, so how could she hear it?

Here's the nifty bit. I was playing the music from my computer, the speakers emit the sound, the wood the desk is made of wood and carried the vibrations and the vibrations travelled up my leg which was resting against my desk and I'm assuming Miss Piggy was able to literally "feel" the music. She stopped moving, her heart wasn't racing, I could pet her anywhere without her fraking out (get your mind outta the gutters pervs) and for a while I forgot about my problems.

So because of my sweet adorable hamster, I learned that I'm a smart kid and I shouldn't be so scared over something so natural as growing up. Thanks Miss Piggy, you have great taste in music :)