Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thanks Miss Piggy :)

So today was the first day of school. I woke up early and didnt have to, I tried to go back to bed and couldn't and had to walk to Union Station twice today. I had boring class right away, took me a whole 10 minutes before I checked my cell phone for the time.

I got small pick me ups during the day; Jenn accompanied me to Union for the first trip. Then we ate delicious sushi and I learned what Futo Maki was and fell in love with it. Sweet and savoury.

The next pick me up came from Travis, when he sent me "When life gives your lemons, you clone those lemons and make super lemons" seems kinda fitting to help me outta my funk. Then I learned about cement...for two hours.

Soon it became apparent to me that I had another year of school left and that I would soon have to look for a job and plan a nifty vacation when I graduate. Stuff I didn't want to think about at all. Jenn is planning on studying somewhere in Europe for two years after she graduates. Sami wants to find a better job then his last co-op placement when he graduates.

I want to learn about everything - yes I know I sound like a Dawson's Creek character. But I just want to soak up knowledge like sponge does water and then have it flow out of me, landing everywhere and hopefully educating some.

After getting home, Ashorina didn't want to hang at square one (we're drifting apart and I don't like that), a joke said to Travis backfired terribly and I realized I would have to go to bed at 10:30ish tonight so as not to be exhausted for class at 8am tomorrow.

I then took out Miss Piggy; I let her crawl around my stomach (I was wearing a shirt, you perverts) and then noticed something. She stopped moving when Evermore's 'It's Too Late' starting playing and got a lot clamer when Pilate's 'Into Your Hideout' started to play. But Miss Piggy's hearing is not the best, so how could she hear it?

Here's the nifty bit. I was playing the music from my computer, the speakers emit the sound, the wood the desk is made of wood and carried the vibrations and the vibrations travelled up my leg which was resting against my desk and I'm assuming Miss Piggy was able to literally "feel" the music. She stopped moving, her heart wasn't racing, I could pet her anywhere without her fraking out (get your mind outta the gutters pervs) and for a while I forgot about my problems.

So because of my sweet adorable hamster, I learned that I'm a smart kid and I shouldn't be so scared over something so natural as growing up. Thanks Miss Piggy, you have great taste in music :)

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Travis said...

Finally! I start to get the respect I deserve, now let us celebrate with the adding of chocolate to milk.