Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Week in the Life of Darek

This was a week long project, I hope you all enjoy!

Jamie has no sense of direction
Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey is delicious
It wasn’t a Russian Roman Catholic church but a Macedonian one
Everything is closed in Streetsville on Sunday

Waking up early to go to school on your day off sucks balls
Construction workers and site supervisors aren’t so bad
I get to watch over the ROM closely for the next 6 weeks
Robyn did this to me:

and it felt great!
Robyn and I have our contract up, the next posting will explain that
Robyn thinks I have impeccable fashion style
Robyn helped me realize the tattoo I want to get

Monday, on Lakeshore, in Oakville, was freeeeeeeezing

Inukshuks are beautiful

Travis has a toupee

Zoey is adorable

Carolyn is Batman

8 am classes suck -that's how early I was at the GO statoin :(
8 am classes are quite informative (I actually enjoyed what I learned - babies are bundled up in the winter like astronauts because their volume produces the same amout of heat that they are able to lose due to their smaller surface area; this was taught in building science, so in other words, larger buildings are better at keeping themselves warm in the winter than smaller ones and better at keeping cool than smaller ones :)
Finishing your project proposal and handing it in 4 days early is a great way to start off the new year :)

5 hour breaks suck
Friends that keep you company while you’re in a funk at how lonely you are during your break rock
Text messages make smile
I’m so ridiculously happy Karen is in my Urbanization class

Dave is a geisha

Train was late again today
Travis rocks – look what he did for me – it’s my tattoo

Assignment #1 for Transportation was finished today
Listening to the old tapes I made is very nostalgic (I had Foo Fighters and the instrumental to Titanic’s “My Heart Will Go On” AND that “Don’t call me Babe” song)

Jenn likes school so much – she smiles while she sleeps in class

Pho is so utterly delicious and filling it's atrocious

Sami's back, we call eachother fucking idiots about 20 times a day - God I missed him

Yung is back and look what she wrote about me :)
Brendan has great taste in music – Apple Candy by Ben Lee is on repeat right now
I was wrong! There was no movie mistake in “Everyone’s Hero” – the City of Toronto was created in 1834
Marie is a TERRIFIC waitress

I’m still a little scared of Bob from Twin Peaks – being all alone at home…
Hehe, Dingle.


Bren said...

bob still scares me too!!! fucken shawn!

Darek/Darciu/Dariusz said...

it's sean but not like it matters, i still get a little scared opening my door before i go to bed...

side note: shawn is half-black shawn

Sean said...

Yes, S E A N, is the spelling.

Don't blame me if Bob scares you... maybe I did you a favor in the long run as your increased adrenaline from fear will help you fight him off in the near future. I mean he WILL inevitably come into your room after all.

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Travis said...

finally, more acknowledgement of my awesomeness. Also, I do not wear a toupe, it is a head full of long luxurious hippy hair!!!