Friday, February 24, 2006

Cooking with Darek

So this reading week has been alright, hung out with some friends, met some new people and finally started something I wanted to do for a really really long time - cook!

Now, unfortunately, I was not able to cook a new dish everyday, but I did manage two delicious recipes.

First, have you ever been to red lobster and they bring out those mouth watering cheese biscuits with garlic butter? You eat so much, that you can't finish your damn expensive meal of shrimp, lobster tail, snow crab and scallops? Well I was able to replicate the recipe:

And here is the end result. Pretty damn simple really, and they were actually REALLY good!

Next, I actually woke up hungry this morning and decided I needed to make me some breakfest and what did I choose to make? Pancakes, but not ordinary pancakes, strawberry and vanilla pancakes:

Now next time I need to put in a little more vanilla extract, a teaspoon just doesnt do it, but I think they look pretty damn good. *Does Martha Stewart fake smile* Strawberry-Vanilla Pancakes, it's a good thing!

Now a special thanks needs to be given here to someone who made all this possible:

Thank you Bisquick all purpose blend! Without you, these creations could never be made.

Betty Crocker, you're a filthy whore.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Back to Randomness...

So my posts have been a little sappy lately, got some good advice from my buddy mista b and tons and tons (ok, maybe bits and bits) of "awww, I just read your post - it's touching" and what not; and I'm thankful don't get me wrong - but it's time for the wonderfully random and kooky Darek to return...

So I'm introducing the first-ever, hopefully weekly post of "MY FRIEND: WHY I LIKE YOU!" *queue jazz hands and glittery dancers*

So let's see which friend I'll be boasting about as to why I like him/her and am blessed they are my friend....

*Takes out wheel with all of Darek's friends names on it and gives it a spin*

and the winner is....

Now just look at that face - you can't help but laugh when you see it and it's not that mocking laugh. You're laughing because if you're blessed to know Jamie here, you know that this picture of him describes the wonderful personality that is he.
You can't help but think warm fuzzy thoughts about Jamie and all the laughs he's brought to your otherwise mundane and mostly straight lives.
He can make you laugh with his vast vast vast knowledge of movies and tv shows. His stories about the terrible and soulless people he meets at work will bring even HITLER to tears in laughter gasping for air.
Now for me personally Jamie makes me feel most comfortable out of all of my friends. I can say the most sexual/nasty/derogatory thing in the world or just whatever I'm thinking on the spot and he'll either laugh if he thinks it's funny, or smile and then think of something funnier and make everyone else laugh OR make fun of me because I've already said that before...
My example of this is one time at pride last year, I spilled some orange crush on my tee-shirt and the first thing outta my mouth was "OH NO! I'm white trash now!" and Jamie laughed like a mad man! I didn't find it that funny, but he knew exactly what I was thinking - therefore making it easier for me to say it. Oh Jamie, you so crazy!
And that's just it, Jamie's best quality is that he makes people feel as they want; he brings out the naturality (if that's not a word, TOUGH SHIT HIPPY!) out of you. I can always see most people act differently around him and by that, I mean, they're more open. Bren and Jen C always talk about sex when he's in the room; Earl laughs more; so does Jay; I get more and more vulgar, just because I know at the very least Jamie will laugh at whatever stupidness I'm saying.
He also understands why not all of his friends are welcome at home. It's not that his parents don't like it, it's not that they're going to throw feces on you, but his parents, like mine, just don't want other kids in their house. It's simply not done. I think this is another reason why we click as bestest of buddies - we both have anal retentive parents that no one can really compare too.
So to you Jamie, congratulations on the first ever, hopefully weekly post of "MY FRIEND: WHY I LIKE YOU!" - does this mean you get something from ole Darek "Cheapy" Sobik - nope. Just know you make the world a better place in your own quirky way :)