Sunday, May 14, 2006

Time for the Friendy's Again!

This Friendy is dedicated to Earl John Falco - and I know what most of you are thinking "WHAAAAAAAAAT?" 'cause Earl and I are friends, but not the bestest and greatest on the planet. No one thinks of Earl and knows (unknowingly) of our friendship or vice versa, but today I sensed he was a little blue so I hope this cheers him up.
So let's see, great and wonderful memories of Earl John Falco.
Hmmm, I don't have elaborate stories about our friendships, but more snip-its that are just hilarious.
1. I completely invited myself to a movie he was seeing with Shaun, Jamie, and Mel once and they missed my house, like by two houses. They called and said they were outside, I go outside and they're waiting down the street...
Now this might not be so funny to the everyday reader of my wonderful blog, but it's pretty awkward not knowing what Earl's car is and then having to walk down, on the road, and sorta make eye contact with anyone in the car (which is hard since the windows are tinted) and then not turn beet red when everyone in the car knows exactly what you're thinking.
2. He never laughs at the jokes I say that I think are hilarious. Which would make one think I should think that maybe I'm not as funny as I think - but that's not a possibility. I could be belting the most funniest shit Ive thought of and at most he'll give me a pity smile. Then I'll say something that isnt that funny or just a genuine question and he'll just laugh out loud (LOL'ing bitches!).
"Did you eat all of it (it being the remains of the disgusting funnel cake at Eastside Mario)?"
"Yeah. Yeah I did. Don't judge me! *laughter*"
3. He'll talk to me randomly, on MSN, in person, wherever. And usually the MSN convo's start on a name I've written that I dont think is that funny, BUT HE DOES!
And that's what's great aboot him! He thinks differently, our senses of humor are completely different - but he's one of the funniest guys I know. So Earl, I hope this trip down memory lane made you smile a little and helped you get outta the funk!