Thursday, August 31, 2006

Darek: Then and Now

Darek 7 years ago:
Grade 11
- 16 years old
2 kidneys
Short-ish hair - gelled way too much
Bad skin - wore a lot of clothing to cover it up
Very Catholic - suffering is good*said between clenched teeth* up early for church and daily prayer make you a discplined and healthy person *said between clenched teeth*
Pro-Life - "The mother has made her choice, she has to live with it now" - my philosophy back then
Anti-Death Penaulty - "The person on death row wasn't judged by God as he should be, but by man, who is flawed" - something I said during law class
Anti-Euthanasia - "No person on the planet as the right, a right solely belonging to God, to end a life"- again, something said during grade 11 law
Part of the Student Chaplency - started a prayer group still going on during school right now
Prayer - I use to pray a part of the rosary every day, during my lunch break
Terribly Closeted - "There's nothing wrong with gay people - but Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin"
Salesian - finally popular-esque
Future Goal - Becoming a priest, specifically a Jesuit, so I could travel the world, educating people; the Jesuits were the smartest of the priests.

Darek - Today
1 kidney
Short hair - and that's how it's staying for now
Good skin - it feels good to wear a short sleeve shirt without being shy
Very Untitled - there's God and he's grand, but I ain't getting up early for you anymore
Pro-Choice - If someone is going to have the audacity to tell me how to live my life, I can't be the same kind of prick to someone else - my philosophy now
Anti-Death Penaulty - I can't believe I'm going to say this, but this is something I picked up from my dad - If someone does a barbaric crime, like molest a child, kill a human being, or rape a woman then death is the easy way out for them. Hard labour, 2 meals a day, up at 6 every day for the rest of their lives is what will make them truly regret what they've done - Amen Tata.
Euthanasia - My cousin's friend just died of liver cancer, she suffered immeasureably the last few months of her life. Her daughter couldn't touch her and her family began to shun her. Can anyone out there tell a dying woman she has no right to end her own suffering?
Part of the Queer Engineering Group - I haven't done much, but would like to do more. This year is going to be different. Either with the group or finally writing for the engineering paper.
Prayer - I haven't prayed in years; I miss the basic rituals in life that seperated me from the animals.
Out and Proud - Being gay is the greatest thing about me. Without it, I'd be voting conservative, sleeping with an Agnieska or Magda or Ania before church and going to Fregata on friday nights after my shift at the Gap. An open mind is better than the security of a closed one.
Myself - surrounded by terrific friends. nerdy as fuck though :D
Future Goal - no clue. Nothing engineering-like.

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