Monday, October 24, 2005

Take Two!

I think I'm the only human being on the planet that enjoys sequels a little bit better than the originals. Case in point are the three movies described below with my reasoning as to why they are better than the originals:
I must of watched this movie 12 times and still never bore of it. Joan Cusack as the nanny we love to hate - Debbie Jellinsky. Seeing Dana Ivey as the newest family member (she ran off with Cousin Itt and had his hairy child) was something that made my jaw drop; she was integrated into the family, oh the power it has! Then there's Christina Ricci who became my new god with everything she said in this movie. "For all these crimes, I've decided to scalp you and burn your village to the ground" - MARVELOUS!

Everyone I know all LOVED "American Psycho" with Christian Bale; I did not. Snore is what I thought when I watched the movie. I watched it once and didn't want to give it another thought. Then I saw the sequal, American Psycho 2 starring Mila Kunis and was in complete awe. Mila can actually act! I was surprised, she plays off a psycho with a whole new twist, not so much being run by her psychotic thoughts but more rationalizing her actions to suit her dream - advancing her career. When she kills someone you sorta have to think "well it makes sense" for a split second and then you realize that killing is wrong and your conscience kicks in. Another winner.

And finally the best sequel of them all, Batman Returns. Again, I didn't enjoy the first, too much politics and too many males. Notice how all the villians in these sequels are females, coincedence? I think not. Two words as to why this sequel rocks the original - Michelle Pfeiffer. The perfect selection for Catwomen, graceful but deadly and to think it was first offered to Julia Roberts. Again, I must've seen this movie about 12 times and after the 3rd time, was able to fast forward like a champ to all my favourite parts - Catwoman scenes. "I don't know about you Ms. Kitty, but I'm feeling so much yummier" - honestly, is there any quote you can think of that's sexier and scarier?

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