Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Shamoun-Sobik Dictionary

My friend Ashorina and I are two peas in a pod, a hilarious pod. When we're not laughing at people or eachother, we're saying some of the most complex words you could think of. This led to the creation of the "Book of Verbalicious Terminological Spoken Things". Or a dictionary. Below is a list of words/sayings/slang that we hope we make it's way to the Merriam-Webster 2007 edition (or if all goes well during the revolution the Shamoun-Sobik Dictionary, FIRST edition.)

  1. Delicious and Deliciousier - used together in describing two different by related delicious food and drink items. "I want to eat delicious things and drink deliciousier things."
  2. Deliciousity - the nature of being delicious.
  3. Seriousity - the nature of being serious.
  4. Diahrear - illness causing great pain to the pooper.
  5. Verbication - the way words are spoken.
  6. Terriferred - being scared but more so.
  7. Kabillion - billion to the jillionith power.
  8. Jillion - a lot.
  9. Awesomeness - the nature of being awesome.
  10. "Cram it in there" (slang) - the ability to Cram "it" in "there"; where "it" is a knowledgable informative factoid and "there" is one's head.
  11. Plumbink - 1. anything to do with internal piping at home 2. said over and over and over again in making fun of someone of eastern european descent (particularly a father figure).
  12. -ink - added to any word ending with -ing to add hilariousity
  13. Hilariousity - the nature of being hilarious
  14. "How does that make you feel?" (Doctoral Slang) - asked when one doesn't care how another feels.


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ha said...

did you know
bazillion is a word
but bajillion is not

just wanted to clarify