Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My Jen

Here you see pictured the ridonkously beauty known simply but eloquently as "Jen". I recently received a phone call from this exquisite beauty wishing me a Happy Birthday.

Now before this wonderful surprise, I asked "Who is this?" because Jen gave me the "It's Me" on the phone, which she is completely entitled to. Followed with a Happy Birthday and a "I miss you; but I think you don't miss me as much as I miss you!". I was shocked.

How could I not miss Jen? One of my bestest friends, knows pretty much everything about me, same on my end about her. But the truth is, I know a bajillion "Jens". It really is hard keeping track of everyone of them. To prove my point, I shall list them all with a funny little something beside each:

Jennifer "Jen" Gayagoy - Best friend of 19 years now - convinced she suffers from ADD, she remembers NOTHING.

Jennifer "Jenn" Stapleton - Vegan fellow engineer. Stupid Vegans.

Jennifer "Jen" Assal - I've talked to her twice. She's Egyptian

Jennifer "Jen" Lee - She's CHINESE INCORPORATED!

Jennie "Jennie" Nickerson - Not a "Jen" but close enough

Jennifer "Jen" Tung - She's a ho. A big one.

Jennifer "Jen" Shaw - I worked with her. She's a terrible BUT hilarious drunk.

Jennifer "Jenn" Trieu - She's Peter's girlfriend. She thinks I'll date Jamie.

And last but not least:

Jennifer "Jen" C. (can't spell last anymore) - She has a lot of hair. A LOT.

So you see!!!! That's 9 individuals all with the same bloody name. Of course I'm going to be confused!

P.S. - BRENDAN ROCKS! He got me "Clone High Season One" on DVD. AND he's dating Jen C - coincedence? I don't think so!



Anonymous said...

Hey Darciu,

I'm Glad to hear that i'm right there with Bren! lol Just kidding Bren. Hey look at me i'm talking to a guy that i dont even know. I just hope that i can make you feel like a million bucks on friday. This will be your day. And by that i dont mean a budget minded day! if you know what i mean! ;) ok so this is all i have to say on this subject. END SCENE!

sincerely your,

Jamie said...

I just realized that's my fat ass chin sticking out of the picture of Jen. Please go back and edit me out further.

Or else...


Darek/Darciu/Dariusz said...

No...I don't think I will?
Now am I just being an ass? OR do I have no idea how to do as you ask?