Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Yaaaaaaay, Health Problems!

I got my Sleep Study Report today. For those that don't know, I am, the WORST sleeper. I hear these stories of people being able to nap after 13 hours of sleep or just going to bed once their head hits the pillow and I want to cry. I can't do that. I am the worst person to sleep beside; I talk in my sleep, I move around alot, and I have to sleep on my back.
I went in for a sleep study and got my results today, they are hilarious!
I went to bed at around 10:30 (meaning lights out and me resting on the bed).
I fell asleep in 12.5 minutes and slept for 6 hours and 12 minutes (I was awoken at 6am - meaning the max amount of sleep I could've had was 7.5 hours minus the 12.5 minutes).
11.9% of my sleep was REM sleep - that's DEEP sleep, like you dream in this sleep, you are out to the world in this sleep - it's good sleep. Normal readings are 28% - meaning 28% of the sleep cycle should be REM sleep; me 11.9%
Now all sleep has 4 stages plus the REM sleep, here's how I fared in that department:
Stage 1 - normal - 4.44%; me 7.7%
Stage 2 - normal - 45.54%; me 50.7%
Stage 3 - normal - 6.21%; me 4.6%
Stage 4 - normal - 14.88%; me 25.1%
See how disproportioned I am?
I had 14 obstructive apneas (meaning I snored slightly) and the longest session of this light snoring was 27.8 seconds - meaning something was partially obstructing my breathing.
I had 16 obstructive hypopneas (meaning I stopped breathing entirely - NO AIR COMING IN!) and the longest session was - get this - 42.1 seconds! I can't even hold my breath underwater that long!!!!
My blood oxygen dropped to 90% (should be at 100%).
Here's the part I just loved - I had 53 spontaneous arousals (just waking up for a few seconds and going back to sleep, this is common, you never really "wake up", you're just moving your head for example)
I had 23 respitory arousals - I woke up 23 times because I stopped breathing 23 times in the night.
I had 4 periodic limb arousals - I jerked my legs 4 times in the night, which caused me 'wake-up' for a few seconds.
On average, I had an arousal index of 12.9, the normal you ask? LESS THAN 5!!!!!!
In total, the number of times I awoke and was "awake" for 15 seconds (or more) before falling instantly to sleep was 28 times.
This means that I wake up 4.5 times an hour or every 13 minutes approximately.

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Kimberly said...

Absolutely, fan-fucking-tastic. The most amusing blog entry I read to date.