Sunday, October 01, 2006


I've never really been surprised in my life. Never had a surprise birthday party (on account that I'm always ASKING for them), 9/11 didn't leave me in complete shock when I learned of it in Calculus class, and learning about my kidney and the freak congential disorder I was born with was more of a "Oh, damn" than a "WHAAAAAAAAAAT?". I just don't get surprised that easily until recently...
Recently, I've been getting compliments outta the wazoo because of my blog. Now, this isn't me praising me about how terrific I think my writing is, in fact, I think my writing is pretty rushed and half-assed. But I've gotten more surprises outta my little purple monkey dishwater than in the past 22 years of life, soon to be 23.
Jennie Nickerson, Tash, Mima and hell even Josh have told me, completely out of the blue, about what a fun/happy/meaningful time they have gotten out of reading my blog. Josh even described one post as "the best writing I've ever read". I was touched!
So, unlike me in so many ways, this is a complete THANK YOU to all the people that have left me comments, praised me for my writing when even I didn't think too much about it and to all the readers that just get a little smirk or giggle about my rants/comments/thoughts and various other forms of expression. You all rock the hizzie, I'm slightly buzzed and going to bed soon!!

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Anonymous said...

Darchu! Yes your writing gets an A for awesome, but your pictures get an E for excellent (and that's a good thing). The pictures you post to go along with your blogs always make me LOL and sometimes LOLOMGWTFBBQ.

- Jennie Nickerson
ps - my last name is the best. :P