Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Sandman drugs me

I'm known, amongst my vast, vast, vast circle of friends for having some pretty WEIRD dreams. Recently I started writing them down, here are the top three, enjoy!

Dream 1:

Monday May 31st 2004
Me and my family moved to the country, the place is called MIDLAND, me and my brothers are waiting for a school bus (my oldest brother is 31 in real life and my second oldest is 25) and I’m 20. My dad is looking down one end of the street waiting for 'sharlene' the bus driver to come, while our 'neighbour' across the street is looking down the other end of the street, my dad and neighbor made this deal.
I go back into my house telling my mom I need a school bag and the idea that I don’t really need one, first pops up here, but I quickly ignore it.
I miss the bus
But find it, and it's a small bus, PACKED with children that start fighting, I remember it being dark in the school bus, and the children look almost dirty. The bus looks old and ghetto and dark yellow, maybe from the rust and age of the vehicle.
So I go for a walk instead and realize I should be in university, not elementary school – in other words the idea that something is wrong - I was very close to knowing that I was in a dream; but I didn’t admit to it. THEN, I’m walking in a field, that has a paved path, but I’m not walking on the path and walk into a townhouse complex that has 5 moose in it, two baby ones, with sleek coats and then two adult ones, presumably their parents and then one made outta woodI walk to this plant hedge and then wake up.

Dream 2:

Tuesday June 1, 2004

First dream I had I was suppose to meet up with some friends, and end up going to a fast food place, most likely Wendy’s, late at night, but it’s still open and there is a line up. I get a phone call from someone and then find myself walking in an alley with a girl that is scared of me, as I’m thinking she thinks I’ll probably end up raping her, she catches my eye and runs to her car, thinking I’m going to rape her. Then I go to her and ask if everything is ok, she says something I can’t remember and then her other friend shows up and the first girl realizes how silly she was for thinking I would rape her.
The second dream I had, we were in a parking lot and a bunch of us were getting out of cars and I ran up to hug Jenn Tung, with my shirt off, and she didn’t hug as tightly back, maybe cuz of the acne on my back. Then we started to argue playfully, and I called her a freak for eating wood (she was eating wood, but I was thinking of corn flakes) and then Rob R just looked at me and I say – “well it wouldn’t be a problem if it was another type of wood” – and it actually looked like he didn’t get what I meant. And then Jo and Jenn (or Mo) turned away from me.

Dream 3:

January 24, 2006
I’m walking around a ghetto part of TO and realize it's not safe and start walking to a ttc station to get home quicker, specifically I think it’s Museum Station, but it clearly isn’t. I give some bum 5 bucks because he asks if I can spare any change, as I open my wallet I have a few higher bills in there (20’s, 10’s) and he peers into it and gives me this weird look while he takes my five. He’s black. And then a bunch of (black) hobos come after me, telling me to give them money, specifically a guy wearing a green jacket and pink hat, telling me, but no using many words, that because I have so much more, I should give so much more.
THEN for some odd reason, I’m invisible and only Sean can see me and I can walk through anything. So we start hanging out and then I get sad because I’ve met Sean’s black grandmother "momma" and she says all these nasty things about gay people.

Then Sean and I are in the kitchen and I almost knock over this cereal box that’s resting on a plastic container of some sort. The kitchen was small and had white cabinets, almost like Jen C’s kitchen. And we're both shocked because I’m no longer invisible, I scream to momma if she can see me and she can and she's soooooo happy to see me, we start crying we're so happy and then Sean gets jealous and leaves.

I thank HER for all she's done and then leave your house (but it wasn’t Sean’s house on Kensington place) and then as I turn around to look at Sean, I see that he’s naked and I’m looking at him with his back to me and he’s masturbating, furiously.

If anyone wants to do an interpretation of them, by all means, go right ahead; I just hope I'm not a crazy.

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