Thursday, January 19, 2006


So I attended my first ever Engineering Box Social and it was a blast. My great friend, one of the jens, Jen Lee organized the whole shin-dig and it was a smash! Here are some memories of this wonderful night:

So the night started out with me meeting my best friend's, Ana, boyfriend, Adam for the first time. Awww first impressions!

But what Ana has done to her, Darek must also have done to him, Avril's kinky!

[Puppy(Me) + Ana(Monkey)]*Happiness = SMILE-ZILLA! - It's like our faces have shrunk to allow room for more smiling...

Thanks Av for being my date - damn we look goooooooood!

Next, Jenn (Red-haired Goddess) owed me 4 dollars, oddly enough, shots were 4 bucks - coincedence or Universal Cosmic Convergence?!?!?!

When you finish your wine before dinner arrives, you gotta do what you gotta do to keep your buzz alive - and in this case it's steal wine from other tables...DON'T JUDGE ME!

Let's take a minute and admire goregous bartender(in the tank)...*sigh*

Let's see, I have pictures of my hags, picture of beautiful bartender, what else do I need to completely gayify this post...SHOES! (Models are Jenn and Avril)

Me and the Jens - one's Chinese and one's Vegan - can you guess which?

The night isn't complete without some girl on gay on girl action!


But after all that drinking and eating and drinking and dancing and drinking - little DarChu was all tuckered out...

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