Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Why I Love Dance Music

So recently, I have been very worried with school. Lord knows I am trying. I've practically cut off my friends and family. Unless you have MSN, I'm pretty sure you've forgotten about your plucky little friend Darek.
So to cheer myself up, I've been listening to music. And recently accquired, through completely legal processes, Madonna's newest album, 'Confessions on a Dance Floor' - why I ever gave up Dance Music is beyond me! Thank you Madge for bringing me back into the fold.
A few years ago, I felt my musical tastes were slightly one-sided; ultimately beginning a quest for a newer style of music to shake my booty too and get a better appreciation for.
I fell in love with Alternative and Rock - Linkin Park, The Cranberries, Postal Service, Stars, and even some of that Hip and/or Hop music, I actually bought the newest album by K-OS. And through this search, I found Colorblind by The Counting Crows. My favourite song of all-time, it's been two years since I found this piece of Heaven and I can still listen to the song 12 times in a row and not get sick of it. Magnificante!
After rocking out with the B-Man at Phoenix and learning all of the words to most Linkin Park songs, I began to tune in to Z103.5 and downloading Britany Spears and Xtina songs. Soon, my computer was filled with songs about love, calling someone baby, dreams and dancing.
And that's what I realized, I don't like dance because of it's deeply provacative and thoughtful lyrics that cause society to re-think it's position on many many biased traditions like other forms of music do - dance music is suppose to make you feel good. Period. Not make you contemplate how unaffair it is to have you heart broken, or how no one understands you, or how 'hard' life is for western culture. (frankly that's another rant!)
Dance music can make you feel like you're the only one in the room or it can make you feel like everyone should be watching you, cuz you're grooving the best you've ever danced in your life! I don't care that the songs don't have a deeper meaning than telling me about San Fransisco or if George Michael thinks I'm Amazing. I want to feel good about myself, forget that I'm barely getting by University and literally feel the music flow through my bones, to my feet, and making me feel like if I don't move, that's the only thing I'm gonna fail at!


jen said...

i think this is ur best entry so far.

ana said...

more, please.

see...if this was longer, then I would have been able to procrastinate more.