Monday, September 28, 2009


I'm a dunker. You give me a glass of milk with cookies, you better believe those cookies are gonna be dunked into said milk. Tea biscuits with tea? Sandwich with soup? Donut with coffee? Toast and eggs? All dunkable treats with optimum dunkability to achieve prime homogeneity. What was once a cookie and a glass of milk, is now both cookie and milk - and yet something so much more! That dry salami sandwich you were just chompin' on? Well get yourself a small $3 bowl of cream of mushroom soup and BOOM! Sandwich and soup combine together to form a unified taste sensation that cannot be beat! Is your tea weak? Dunk a tea biscuit in that motherfucker! Not only with that tea sweeten up ever so slightly, but that hard-as-a-brick biscuit will now have soften to achieve prime chewability and deliciousness. Over easy eggs are just begging to be poked with toast or a crispy strip of bacon to let out that delicious yolk to turn your breakfest into a sloppy, salty brine of yellow delicious. Everything on your breakfast plate begins to taste a little like everything else!
So the next time you see a spunky, adorable 25 year old with piercing blue eyes dunkin' his donuts into his hot chocolate or his sandwich in his soup, don't mock me him but revel in his genius at knowing a good thing when he sees it.

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Big "D" said...

Don't be too suprised, but dunking has been around for many, many years,....even before me....and I was dunking cookies almost 50 years ago.....LOL

So dunk away and enjoy....... ;-)