Monday, September 21, 2009

Hating the Haters & Loving the Losers

So...I don't get it. Over the weekend I saw 'Jennifer's Body' and thought it was great! And I don't mean "OMG YOU GUYS!? IT'S SOOOOOO BAD, IT'S GOOD!" - I was genuinely impressed with the movie, the actors, the directing, the writing, and cinematography. There are parts of the movie that are simply adorable (when Amanda Seyfried is losing her virginity), parts of the movie that are gorey and gross (Megan Fox eating fried chicken), parts of the movie that are funny (all I can say about this is 'Wikipedia'), parts that are genuinely scary ('Are you scared?' from the trailer), and parts that are actually quite sad (the ending).

What I don't get is how people are just shitting ALL OVER this movie! And for no sound reason. Last night, whilst having dinner with dear friends of mine, most just could not believe that Jennifer's Body was great. I told myself going into the movie "I'm watching this to see if Megan Fox can act" - no high hopes, no low expectations, just went in as neutral as possible. Is this Oscar worthy? No. But it was never meant to be. You can clearly tell it's a movie written by Diablo Cody - "You're just jello" - but, where Juno's edgy dialouge gets tired if you watch the movie one too many times, Jennifer's Body does not have that problem - the dialouge flows, you feel like you're watching teenagers speaking their "cool" slang that we all had in high school. And guess what? Megan Fox can act. Amanda Seyfried is great! Diablo Cody is not a one hit wonder.

I blame the critics. Critics, before seeing this movie, already judged it because Megan Fox was in it; based on what? Transformers? She barely said anything in that movie! AND SHE KNOWS THIS! We all know she's seen as the 'Bad Girl' for telling the truth that she was hired for that movie because she's walking sex. Well why are there people blaming her for that? That's like blaming the victim of rape for wearing a mini-skirt.

Megan Fox is really attrac- she's a fuckin' hottie. Any red-blooded heterosexual man/gay woman would JUMP at the chance to have sex with her and there is NOTHING wrong with that. But I'm guessing Diablo Cody took a chance and wanted to see if Ms. Fox could do more than pout (which is all she was directed to do in Transformers 1 & 2) and guess what? She can. She DOVE into this role and it shows - apparently there was tension between her and Amanda Seyfried on set but did that show in the movie? Nope! You'd think they really were BFF's watching this movie. What does that mean everyone? Professionalism that translated into an actual ability to preform.

My point is that it's really unfair that people knock down a good actress before she has even set herself up. What's also infuriating is that because everyone talks about how "bad" Megan Fox was in this movie, no one is talking about great Amanda Seyfried is! I cannot believe that is the same actress that played Karen Smith in Mean Girls. She went from total ditz to total awesome and deserves respect for that! Plus have you seen pictures of her when she's not playing the meek, nerdy best friend - damn! - total hottie! Yet no one is shitting all over her...

I just really hate when a good movie (Solid B+) gets crapped on because pretentious critics don't want to see an attractive woman succeed. Yet when movies with enormous plot holes, movies that could easily have one hour of dialouge removed, and movies that are simply bad are touted as works of art and "you're a fool if you don't believe this!" go on to make millions and millions and shoot actors that really don't deserve it into super-stardom, I can't help but feel like I'm watching an episode of ANTM and Tyra Banks has just told a girl to be herself and versatile - um what? I don't get it.

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