Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This is what happens when I listen to happy and sad songs at the same time...

The Francophone

He was sweet. He was nervous when we met. He spoke French. I thought he was really cute. He listened. He brought me four mini-gifts on our second date. I still have two of them. It took him three dates to finally kiss me. Ashorina didn’t like his eyebrows. My friends didn’t find him interesting. Except Yungsiow. He had a drinking problem. He was always excited when I called. He was ready to say those three little words after a month. We made out until 4 am once, rolling around my basement. He said those three little words, drunk, in my bed. I broke up with him a month later.

The Engineer

He had the same t-shirt as me. We liked to take walks together. I felt so bad for his boyfriend. I wanted to kiss him the first time I saw him. He could finish my sentences. He said he’d protect me from the things in the dark. His lips tasted like cherries the first time I kissed them. He said I was delicious. I was never on his checklist. He left me broken-hearted. I left him completely alone. I was (am?) his sunshine. He looked back at me as I pulled out of the movie theatre parking lot. He was just learning how to drive standard. Me being in his car made it better. I broke into his hideout. But never found him.

The Cop

I told him I would take him on a tour of the city since he was still new to it. We ended up watching a movie instead. His laugh was more abrasive than mine. He made me feel safe. He was more ticklish than me. He would make me dinner. I think about him the most. I wonder if he thinks of me. He liked cuddling me as much as I liked cuddling him. He would shake in his sleep. I wish I had gone up to Windsor when he asked. I like to debate. He didn’t. He let me drive his car. I pissed him off once. He was never concerned about me. We napped together on our second date. He was the first to call me his boyfriend.

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Big "D" said...

Everything has a purpose in life.
Even sad memories are better than none. Enjoy each day, they could end tomorrow.