Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tis the Season to be Greedy

I promised myself that I would refrain from writing a political-type blog, but this needs to be said. They say that the holiday season brings out the best in people; I disagree, it brings out their worst.
Why? Well let's just review two wonderful examples that prove my hypothesis:
Example 1:
Overheard this conversation in the atrium (cafeteria-like place) of my school:
"...Habitat for Humanity"
"I'd never join that!" Dude 1 said
"Why?" Dude 2 asks
"Did you know you have to PAY to be a part of that? Like twent...FORTY bucks! For them to ALLOW you to build a house!" Dude 1 said
"Well they do need to buy supplies, get permits, buy land, wiring, materials....*Dude 2 trails off cuz he knows he's made his point*
"But still, why am I going to pay a charity to help them out?" Dude 1 concludes
At this point I wanted to yell across the foyer "'CAUSE THAT'S WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOU HELP OUT A CHARITY, DONATE TIME AND MONEY" But I refrained, I had my economics exam to study for and needed to leave before I got distracted with thoughts of horror.
Example 2:
Vegans and Turkeys and Donations! OH MY!
Okay, so I told my vegan friend that I would write an entire blog on what I thought about Veganism and it's coming, right after this one, but I just wanted to say how shocked I was to see what I saw my otherwise totally amazing friend Jenn do one day in class.
So we're in class and a donation envelope is being passed for a 'Turkey Raiser' basically giving money to provide a meal to a family in need during the Holiday Season. Easy enough, no? I put in my two bucks, and fill out the form, and then pass it to Jenn. Out of the corner of my eye, I see her writing something on the envelope - I was stunned! Ms. Hardcore Vegan, actually donating money for something that will result in killing an animal, despite her beliefs, so someone she doesnt know, can eat?! MARVELOUS, I thought, then I turned to her and saw that she had written "Meat is Murder" on the form.
Now I am not one for giving up one's beliefs, I can completely understand why she didn't donate to the cause, because it would involve the death of an animal and to her, that's wrong, regardless of the circumstance. However, in the long run, there's still a starving family out there.
So what's my point to this little rant? I don't think the Holiday Seaons brings out our most giving sides; I think it's starting to bring out greediest sides. Next time, a friend of yours passes a homeless person on the street and then quietly makes fun of them to you, turn right around and throw a dollar in the poor soul's hand. Next time you give your spare change to a homeless person, look them in the eye and say "You're Welcome" when they say "Thank You". Let's remember this time of year isn't about the birth of a baby in a manger, or how nine candles could burn for nine days on so little oil. Every day should be a day, where if you're fortunate, did something to help someone less fortunate.
*Concludes speech by shining his halo*


ana said...

...are you going to CannonBall?

and yeah. Jenn doing that was sort of stunning. I figured she wouldn't donate but to put that on the sheet was a bit much.

mista b said...

i don't eat anything that casts a shadow...