Saturday, December 17, 2005

Red Fish, Blue Fish, Darwin Fish, Jesus Fish!

So I think I'm going to make everyone completely angry over this post, because I think I'm going to practically offend any type of thinking from religious - political.

So Ultraconservatism, where to begin...
Stephen Harper says, that if he wins this election (HA!), he'll bring back the same-sex marriage debate to the house of commons and do it as a free vote (meaning all MP's won't have their jobs at risk, if they vote against the party). Now, as much as I can't believe what I'm going to say, he does have a point. The same-sex marriage bill passed mainly do to a number of cabinet ministers that had to vote with party (all Liberal) - is this really a right then? Or just bureaucracy? I think most people would agree that a right that is fought for, especially a right that is basic (the right to marry) holds more valor when it was fought for; not because a bunch of rich people didn't want to lose their jobs. THAT being said, I think a basic human right is fundamental, we have it, it's ours, we don't need the law to allow us, just to recognize us. So is voting down this law the very definition of democracy or trumping a human right? Or both?

Anyways, I got off topic, ultraconservatism, keeping everything as it is, until the majority is screaming for a change. Then allowing that change very slowly in hopes that no one remembers the past, or that the change was so gradual, you can't tell the difference between the past and the future. Bullshit. WE ARE ALWAYS CHANGING. I can just see the conservatives rolling their eyes and already mouthing my favourite excuse "but that doesn't mean we need to change everything about ourselves and our society!" - YES, YES IT DOES. Women can choose to work, the mother has no more obligation to stay with children than her father. Gays MUST be allowed to marry, if you can't understand why, you're glossing over a fundamental right. If you're straight, it does NOT affect you, not one bit. Abortion has been happening since the beginning of time; regulate it, don't ignore it. And religion isn't the same all around the world; get use to it.

My biggest pet peeve is when conservatives mask their beliefs to make it seem they are progressive and then get all offensive when they're called on this. It's not Creationism, it's Intelligent Design. ARRRRRGH. It's the same. It never changes, not for them. The whole point about the Jesus Fish - no conservative can give me an excuse why they're against gay marriage/gay rights, abortion rights, euthanasia, or the death penaulty without tying into religious thinking. Even if they're atheist. It's so embedded in the idealogy that you can't escape it.

Ahhh, my next pet-peeve, shifting over to the complete opposite of the political stream and we hit Uber-Liberalism. You know who you are, meat is murder, fur and leather is disgusting, get our troops outta Afghanistan, and abortions should be legal up to the point where the water breaks and after that, is the grey area.
Now, I am the last person to affliate themselves with the Conservative line of thinking - I enjoy inclusivity. However, I hate stupidity. More so than conservative arguements. Going to U of T, I can't tell you how many rallies I'm invited to supporting the removal of our troops from Afghanistan - consequently I can't tell you how many times I wanna crumble up the flyer and throw it in their faces. I have a cousin that went to Afghanistan and fought to bring some kind of order that war-torn land. I fully support the hunt for Osama (remember him, the one that is responsible for the Twin Tower bombings?) and any means that need to be executed to find that murderer and execute him. Afghanistan is a country that is IN NEED, Iraq became a country in need - there is a difference. AHHHHHH, got off topic again.
Anyways, my point with Uber-Liberals - chill. Don't complain for the sake of complaining. I and alot others will eat meat and wear leather and not give one damn about it. I support gay marriage because as a gay man, no one, has the right to tell me I go against the traditionial defition of marriage (there is none! go back far enough, and the traditionial definition of marriage is one man and many wives, monogamy is a relatively new ideal). I support abortion rights, because if I ever have a daughter that needs ones, I'd like her to feel completely comforted during the process and not shunned. I support everyone's right to their opinion, because I am no one to tell you, you are wrong - and I support my right to tell you are wrong, when I know you are in err. Feminism is a good thing - but we all know that too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Stop looking for it in the past, we know it's there, spot it out NOW and fight to have sexism abolished. A woman choosing her husband's last name is not sexist; a woman not getting paid as much as a man for the same job, is. Religion is fine, so long as it doesn't infringe someone's rights. War is needed sometimes (get use to it), support the people keeping you safe and support what THEY want.
Damn, I hope I still have friends after this one.

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