Sunday, November 09, 2008

Bits'N'Pieces: Church

I am trying something different here, I guess this is a memory or an excerpt out of the book that is my life and perhaps maybe yours. I don't know why I write as if thousands upon thousands of people are reading this but I'm going to think positively and hope for the best. Hopefully this will become a somewhat regular addition to the purple monkey and hopefully it will become something....I dunno, awesome.

Bits'N'Pieces: Church

..."Jesus there are a lot of people" Tata says, Mama giggles at the unintentional joke, he smiles back at her saying "I'll drop you guys off at the front and park." We get out of the Oldsmobile, I take in the big gulp of gasoline exahust and hurry up the steps, it's cold outside. I hold the door for Mama and my brothers and a few others as they smile at the cute kid stuck holding the door open, trying to keep a strong face despite the cold and despite his closeness to warm up.
"I got it, go to your Mama" some man says as he sees the neurotic fear in my eyes that I might lose her. I run up even more stairs, grab her hand and tippy toe to put my hand in the Holy Water, feeling the luke warm, almost oily feel of the warm blessed water, damp my forehead, chest, shoulders and finally my other hand. The smell of incense fills my nose, strong and bitter, like gasoline. We find a seat, other people shuffle down the aisle, making way for Mama and her children and we're seated.
She unzips my coat and the mittens attached fling off my hands one by one followed by me kneeling to pray like I was taught to do; instead smelling the dull varnished pews and bitter incense. The whole wooden church looks like its glowing, like the few chunks of wood left after a fire, glowing that bright and dirty orange, slowly going out until they are only a few embers.
"How can the church be so dark and bright at the same time" I think to myself without really thinking it. I lean my head against Mama's arm, smelling her perfume and make up, bitter and strong and feel the softness of her fur coat. It's cold from us being outside for those few bitter seconds while we were dropped off at the front, but I'll warm it up and it'll stick to my face when I pull away. I turn around, it's okay because Mass hasn't started yet and see Tata, standing in the back, I wave and smile, he waves back hurriedly, hoping his kid will behave himself. I sit back, lean against Mama, finally having warmed up a bit"...

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Big "D" said...

Not sure if thousands upon thousands have or will read it, but I did.

I enjoyed reading it too.... ;-)