Friday, October 31, 2008

Rosie O'Donnell is a Pig

My disdain for Rosie O'Donnell is no surprise. It's caused some rifts with people, some conversations with others and some surprises from the rest. Jamie, along with many others, has always been a supporter of hers, loved her on The View (oddly enough that's when I began to despise her) and defends her when the shit hit-tith the fan-ith. But I loathe her.

I didn't always, I loved her talked show, when she had Chris Rock, Mel Gibson, Danny Glover and Rene Russo on, it was by far one of the funniest moments on television. When she came out, people just accepted it because they loved her talk show (and rightfully so, it really was a great talk show). She opened the doors for Ellen, for Rachael Maddow and for many other women of the Sapphic nature to not be afraid and to come out loud and proud; something all gay people need, a role model. It's just a shame she is no longer a role model but a vile hypocrite that brings bile up to my throat at the mere mention of her name.

Why am I so filled with rage against her? It's funny you should ask. In case it's too much trouble to hit the link, essentially, she donated money to a Republican (Bob Dole's wife, Liddy or Lizzy or some junk) for President and no money to California's No on Prop 8. For those living on Mars, a vote of yes on Proposition 8 would ban same-sex marriage in California, amending their constitution and writing hate-speech into their laws. For those living on Pluto, Rosie O'Donnell got married in California to her partner of years (a partner she is raising children with no less) and wonderfully stated to the crowd gathered outside that courthouse "Liberty and justice for all". Truly moving, truly beautiful. I actually felt happy for her despite not particularly liking her at the time.

When asked by many, many bloggers why she hasn't donated a penny to a cause that she herself took advantage of she claimed (on her MySpace) some lame ass excuse, and I'm paraphrasing here, "There's too much noise buzzing around and I would like a clear head on Nov 4th". REALLY? THAT'S the best you can do? I am just waiting for the fake apology of "I'm sorry you feel I'm a hypocrite..." like she did when she made fun of asians on The View (she stretched her eyes) and said speaking Chinese was like saying "Ching-CHONG-Ching-CHONG". When asians, gay-asians and everyone on the planet told her "WHOA, Rosie, boundaries girl" she pulled out that fake apology quicker than Ken Strkyer pulls out his elephantine dick telling some twink to suck it. She was sorry for us, the viewers, if we took offense but she herself felt nothing wrong with what she said. That was strike 1.

Then on The View again she lamblasted Kelly Ripa, calling her homophobic for saying to Clay Aiken when he put his hand over her mouth "Whoa, buster (sic), I don't know where that hand's been". Kelly, God blezzle her, called into the show and called Rosie on her obvious bullshit. One, Clay wasn't "out" then, meaning Rosie was doing the disservice by essentially outing someone when they weren't ready (this is a big no-no for us gays, we all have our inner demons to battle, and the biggest one is the 'not being accepted as I am' to our family and friends when we come out) and hello, it's Kelly freakin' Ripa. She's a fag hag! She's a girl I would love to go out for a couple of drinks with, tell her how delicious her husband is and have her call me the next day making fun of my drunk rambling about how delicious her husband is. But again, Rosie, called on her bullshit, outing someone when they weren't ready, and playing the "GAAAAAAAAAAAH, I'M A LESBIAN AND DEEMING SOMETHING HOMOPHOBIC SO YOU MUST AGREE WITH ME, OR ELSE!!!!11!one!!" card, gave us that fake apology of "I'm sorry you felt....". That was strike 2.

And now stupid, piggy Rosie has not donated one cent* to stop same-sex marriage bans in the state she got her SAME-SEX MARRIAGE all because the "noise" of this gives her stupid head a headache. But giving money to a Republican canadidate for President, yeah that's cool. (Note: I don't know what Liddy Dole stands for, nor do I care, same-sex marriage could be banned in California in as little as 4 days, Liddy Dole's bid for Presidency is, at least, 4 years away). That's strike 3.

I mean my God, even Ellen, who had her wedding in California of this year, after a little pushing, finally stood up and defended her HUMAN RIGHT to marry the love of her life.

My God, my mother can now watch Ellen and not smirk or change the channel when DeGeneres mentions her wife, or her wedding or "call me crazy, but I think we're all equal, gay or straight and as such deserve the same rights". My mom is the same woman that gaffawed at Melissa Ethridge thanking her wife, Tammy Lyn Michaels, for sticking by her during her chemo treatments for breast cancer. MY MOTHER is showing the slightest signs of acceptance!

So Rosie, this is for you, you're a pig. Not because some would say you're big-boned (you're not) but because you wallow in the shit you created. Shame on you.
*For those that will call me on my 'bullshit' and ask me how much I donated to No on Prop 8, I tried, it doesn't have a field to click in if you live outside of the States, which I do.


Big "D" said...

I have never had any use for her fat ass. She's far to big for a speed bump, maybe some other use could be found for that tub of lard.

Anonymous said...

Rosie, I hope you read this comment.. I am a gay man.. In 2004, I worked for Gavin Newsom and I was standing in the center of the rotunda after your wedding... I watched you walk out onto the balcony, and it was a proud moment for me.. Today, I'm pissed off at your arrogant and dismissive comments on your website.. I volunteered to defeat Proposition 22 in 2000, and it lost.. Afterwards, I cried about the loss, but I knew the gay/lesbian community wouldn’t be defeated by haters... Luckily, I was worked for Gavin, and I participated in seeing the marriage of so many beautiful gay/lesbian couples.. In 2008, I am disgusted by your lack of involvement in the Proposition 8 campaign. In all honesty, we do not need your money.. The gay community is able to fend for itself, and it’s been able to counter the fund raising efforts of the YES on 8 campaign.. What upset’s me.. Is your lack of visibility in Proposition 8.. Let me tell you.. The Gay/Lesbian community will not forget your betrayal of our community. YOUR ARE A TRAITOR TO OUR CAUSE!! Return to your life in the Hamptons.. Enjoy your children and Kelli.. Live a secluded life and forget the world exists around you.. .. I guess in the end.. The Hollywood life has corrupted your sense of responsibility to your gay community..

Darek/Darciu/Dariusz said...

Not just a traitor to the gay community but to humanity as well. She is most likely raising straight children, straight children will have more and more straight children and it's a shame that one day, those children will not be able to think fondly of their ancestor Rosie, who helped stop Proposition 8 in California