Friday, October 10, 2008

Congratulations Doctor

Today Dr. Henry Morgentaler received the Order of Canada from Governor General Michaelle Jean for his tireless works to promote the rights of women in Canada. Of these rights, he held none higher than a women's right to a safe abortion; his receiving the order has been lambasted by some who believe awarding the honour to an abortionist sullies the reputation of the Order of Canada. Well good riddance to those people who have returned their award, you will not be missed.

The history of Dr. Morgentaler can be viewed here, so I won't fill this post with the details. There is something I would like to say to people, specifically the women, out there that do not want to see Dr. Morgentaler receive the award. Ladies, clutch your lower abdomen right now and realize that it's yours because of this man.

I'm going to break down the right to choose so that everyone understands what it means. It is the right to to have a choice about something to do. The act of the abortion is the end result of a decision made but actually has very little to do with the laws Dr. Morgentaler helped enable in this wonderful country. It is so very infuritating when I hear women talk bad about a man that has used his whole medical career to help them in the first place. If you don't want an abortion, then don't have one; what right does one person have to tell another what they should and in extreme cases must do? It all falls under the veil of religion.

I have never met an atheist pro-lifer but I have, amazingly enough, found religious pro-choicers. These people are able to think rationally and understand that most women would not have an abortion because it is such a final decision in the matter and human beings have never liked finality, but they understand that in some situations (various reasons run the gamut from rape/incest, the women's health, the mother being far too young, the stigma in some regions of having a child out of wedlock and of course simply because some women just don't want to have children) abortions are not only required but a right to have them safely.

Bottom line, if you don't want an abortion then do not have one; your right to have one has absolutely no baring on your choice to have to one (or not have one). It really boils down to that - I care not for your bleeding hearts or your myths about your god that tells you it's wrong or the gross misunderstanding you have about a women's right to choose. But to tell someone else that they must do what you say because of a book or (and here's the sexist part) because of what a man has said is final, you become the worst kind of person to exist - a betrayer to your own kind.
Congratulations Dr. Morgentaler, you're a proud Canadian that makes this guy proud to be Canadian.

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Big "D" said...

The problems of the world today and for thousands of years have been over religion. All religions are nothing more that a form of control throught fear.