Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Things I Hate

I know, I know. “I’m going to stop complaining” it’s something I’ve said and something I like to think I’m working on. But I need to vent a little, maybe it’s the complete and utter stupidity occurring down south or maybe it’s because I was inside all day yesterday and not creaming my pants at the new 90210 – some of those guys those, Jesus, I hope they are legal age, really, really hope they are legal – or maybe I can’t change who I am. But here is a list of things I kinda hate:

Any song sung by James Blunt. All my friends know that all it takes to irk me is to sing “You’re beautiful! You’re beautiful, it’s true” in that painful, annoying and high squeaky voice of his. Does anyone like him? Anyone? I know he’s not “in” right now or making headlines but I hate him nonetheless.

Following the trend of musicians that aren’t really “in” right now – Nelly Furtado’s new voice from her recent album with Timbaland. It’s so scratchy! It’s not raspy like Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart or Janis Joplin. It sounds untrained, sore and it’s rather painful to listen to. This hurts me to say because she’s Canadian, she’s a single mother (but at a normal age, not like some people) and hasn’t done anything hypocritical in her career. I dunno, drink some chamomile tea with honey or something?

Celebrity kids. I know I complain all the time about how much I don’t like children in general. But I suppose I’m complaining more about how it’s so painful to see a child boss his or her mother around in a store or tell his or her father they want a Double Big Mac at McDonalds, super sized with a Fruitopia and then EAT IT; but celebrity kids, I hate you. Does your celebrity child have a stupid name? I probably hate it.
Does your celebrity child own a credit card and isn’t yet in college or have a job of his or her own? I probably hate it.
Is your celebrity child famous for being famous? I probably hate it.
Does your celebrity child have an MTV show? I probably hate it.
Now I may get some flak that I’m jealous or only wishing I can live that kind of life but the truth of the matter is, I’m really not. Sure it would be fun for a month, say a summer anywhere warm where everything is taken care of, but then I would have to stop worrying about my everyday life and guess what I LIKE to worry about my everyday life. I like knowing I have RRSP’s and that my car needs gas and I’ll have to pay my insurance. Why? Because it builds character, matures me and helps me realize that if I want something I have to work for it – there’s no shame in working hard for your rewards. *Star flies over my head* The More You Know :)

PETA – stop killing 97% of the animals you “rescue” and stop lambasting people/clothing lines/normal celebrities (they do exist!) that don’t give you millions of dollars in promotions or donations. Just stop. No, there isn’t a “then we can be friends” add on to that statement. I don’t want to be your friend. I don’t like bullies, I don’t like stupidity and I certainly don’t like stupid bullies. So, just, stop. Go away. Die. Whatever you need to do - just stop.

Bell Mobility/TELUS Mobility – stop charging me for incoming text messages. Stop trying to force this line of thinking of as the norm that soon all cell phone companies will follow and stop with all the bullshit. I saw an ad recently for TELUS Mobility, promoting some deal and in it was listed “Unlimited incoming text messages” – THAT’S NOT A PROMOTION, THAT’S A NORMAL FACT IN CELL-PHONING! I hope and I pray that the Conservative Government of my great country stops you from doing this; that the Minister of Industry stops this from going ahead because I’m awesome, Canada is awesome, therefore its Cell Phone Providers should be awesome too – guess what Bell/TELUS? You are NOT awesome right now.

Sarah Palin – My God woman, go back to Alaska already! You’re anti-choice (to the max) and yet you spout your garbage about how proud you are of your daugther, choosing to have her baby at 17, meaning you are supporting her choice, meaning you are not anti-choice, meaning you’re a dumb bitch. You’re not only for abstinence-only education but against sex-education, the same important, severely needed education your daughter and soon to be hick son-in-law SORELY needed – again, this makes you a dumb bitch. You denied funding to programs like Passage House which (must get this all out without screaming) help teenage mothers acquire the skills the need to care for their children (ah. Ah. AH. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!). You’re husband hates America (was a member of the Alaskan Independence Party as of 6 years ago), you believe in creationism and you eat babies. Okay, that last one I made up, but with the amount of hypocritical nonsense coming from this woman’s, her party’s and her supporter’s mouths you never know. In conclusion, you’re a dumb bitch. Please stop being a dumb bitch. Thank you.

Oh, if people want links that support the claims in my rants:

PETA douchebaggery can be found here (ignore the first story that pops up, I think it's a glitch on the site)
Sarah Palin douchebaggery can be found here (here you need to do a bit of scrolling, not every story is about the dumb bitch)
Hope you all have a pleasant morning because I most definitely feel A LOT better :)

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Big "D" said...

Shut off your text messaging, phones should be for talking.

Don't watch TV, there is nothing worth watch anyway. You'll feel better in the long run.