Monday, September 15, 2008

Horrible Highways

I hate driving on Highway 401. I hate it, hate it, hate it a thousand fold. To me it was always the different highway, the highway I avoided at all costs and am always thankful for any chance I get to not drive on it. I never really had a great reasoning behind it besides "It's just busier" until Jamie in all his great driving wisdom said "All highways have a personality and Highway 401's is the worst of the bunch" and he was absolutely right!
Highway 401 is the "Me first" highway. It's not so much "Me first and then we worry about you" it's just "Me first". Someone is entering on an on-ramp and they always speed up, stayin the on-ramp lane until the last second and merge in to pass as many cars as possible. No one lets you in, no one gives you extra space to make your lane change, if you wait that one second too long to do something on the road, it's too late - it's just a horrible experience each and everytime I go on. I remember once I offered to drive to Whirley Ball and I told Bren and Jamie that someone needs to be in the passenger seat to tell me EXACTLY which way to go and how to do it because otherwise I will freak. They didn't believe me until they heard me having a mini-panic attack on the way back home because it was snowing and none of the cars seemed to care! The car was filled with me breathing very heavily out of my nose because I had to keep a clear head to navigate through this murder maze of death that is Canada's Busiest Highway.

Highway 427 - still a "Me first" highway and horribly paved and full of mean Etobicoke bitches and assholes that think they are Toronto drivers and since they are not, they have to overcompensate and be even bigger assholes! But if you out-asshole them in your driving abilities, they chicken out and just honk. Good thing it will be repaved in a few years because it's not so bad.

Gardiner Expressway/Don Valley Parkway - another "Me first" highway but to a lesser degree. I think it's the lack of the Express Lanes that the 401 has but still full of Toronto drivers. The only good thing is that it's also full of suburbanites and we're generally a nicer bunch of drivers.

QEW - A "nice" highway because it's usually jammed with traffic and full of suburbanite drivers. It's only downfall is that this highway isn't very straight, it's curves are HUGE and when driving you always feel it and it is full of trucks which can be pretty terrifying.

Highway 400/403/404/410 - the lesser highways and therefore the very easiest to drive on. Three lanes in either direction, slow, normal and fast and plenty of time to make any changes you want and just nice and relaxing to drive on. Almost fun even!

The moral of this story? Suburbanites rock because we're polite - Urbanites can suck an egg and die for their rudeness and scaring me.

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Big "D" said...

Come drive the "Deerfoot 500" in Calgary.............LOL

Drivers in Canada do not have the skill and understanding of driving on roads that they did 35 years ago. And it's dropping faster than an Olympic downhill skier.