Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Favourite (parts of) Songs!

At a risk of copying Jamie (you just had to put TWO posts about music up, didn't you? I thought, I'll just wait for your next post, you can't accuse me of copying you then...and then you go and copy yourself, just tacky!), I wanted to share with the world a little gift, that might bring some good ole tears of joy to your eyeballs.
I realized that my music tastes don't really define any one particular genre, if it sounds good, I listen to it. Travis' best friend Jim, asked me, during his night long interrogation of me, what kind of music I enjoyed - I told him "mostly alternative, but I like rock and dance too". And it got me thinking - I likes particular parts of songs, I find it particularly hard to find an entire song I enjoy.
So here is a list of songs I adore and specifically time framed parts that I suggest you all download and listen to and cry and stare into the distance and whisper to yourselves "wow Darek is the very definition of brillance" and then hold your hand up, then close it and draw it close to your chest while closing your eyes and nodding up and down slowly...
Colorblind by Counting Crows:
Surprise Surprise - a little bias because it's my favourite song BUT listen to the very middle of the song (while listening to the first half of course) at exactly 1:41. It's a little tricky to catch the point I love but it's right at the end of 1:41 and right at the beginning of 1:42. It's just a slight pause but it's done right in the middle of the song - so it takes your breath away when you think the song is over but it just begins again.
O Holy Night by Celine Dion:
If you dont shed tears at exactly 3 minutes and 15 seconds into the song when Celine sings "Christ is the Lord" you have no soul, period. Those four words last from 3:15 -3:25, the word "Lord" takes her three seconds to sing from 3:22-2:25 and it's the best part of the song, hands down.
Mad World by Gary Jules:
Yes it's the theme song from Donnie Darko - which is a good movie and all "hipster cool" - but it is such a mellow and sad song. With lyrics like "I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had" and "Children waiting for the day they feel good, happy birthday happy birthday" so very sad; but beautiful none the less. But listen to the song once and then listen to it again and only this way you can see why I love the part at exactly 1:27 into the song. You think the song is just about to end (knowing you've heard it before) and when it doesn't it's a mixture of happiness (because the song is not over) and a mixture of sadness (because the song is not over).
Stairway to Heaven by Dolly Parton:
I've only heard the define Miss P's variation of this song and quite frankly that's enough - it's beautiful. Again, I may be a little bias because Dolly is one of the few entertainers that deserves her gay icon status, she supports same-sex marriage, gay rights, the whole nine yards and yet she's a devout christian; a perfect example of the word "christian" in my opinion. The song is long at 6 minutes and 31 seconds, but every second is worth it - listen in at exactly 5:06 and the wonder of this part of the song isn't over until 5:27; listen carefully at 5:22-5:27 to "Wanna be a rock and not a roll" and if you don't get what I mean, then I truly pity you. The first time I heard that part it literally took my breathe away - I stopped writing my lab for geomechanics and just sat and listened to the rest of her beautiful rendition of this historic song.
Into Your Hideout by Pilate:
Brendan introduced me to this song and I thank God he did. This song makes me want to drive faster when I hear it on the radio; it makes me want to run faster when I'm jogging; it makes me want to cry harder when I'm crying while listening to it. It just brings out everything you need out that you've pushed in and provides you with a solice you get only when you were a child and received reconciliation at church. Listen carefully at 2:30 - again it's one of those things where it's at the end of 2:30 and the beginning of 2:31 and it just brings you back into the song; brings you back to whatever it is you need to face.
It's Still Too Late by Evermore:
Heard this song at Jamie's and loved it instantly; it's very Pilate-y but not so charged up, to me this is just a nice song to listen to. The main singer's vocals are wicked, the way he says "Hessitate" right at the beginning of the song (end of 0:29 beginning of 0:30) just puts a clever little smile on my face. The all time best part of this song is at 3:13-3:14 - I have no clue what he's saying here but I all I know is I find that clever little smile on my face after hearing it.
Get Together by Madonna:
This song didn't get that much radio time or club time but I think it's her best hit off her newest CD. And oddly enough it's only the beginning and end parts of this song I love the best - the very first words outta her mouth are "Down, down, down in your heart, I find, find, find the secret, turn turn turn your head around, baby we can do it, we can do it all right" and the end "If it's better at the start, then it's sweeter in the end" - I always hear the word "better" as "bitter" and sing it that way when I hear it.
Hope you're all looking off into the distance now and understanding the wonder that is *whispers* Darek...


Jamie said...

I sing "bitter" too...are you sure it's not?

Darek/Darciu/Dariusz said...

It IS bitter! I'm shocked!
Now I'm not all mellow hipster cool
Best return those plastic chucnky framed glasses and returning my styling wax