Sunday, March 04, 2007

Take That You Hosers!

I just found this clip on youtube and I'm utterly disgusted:

And I'm not disgusted because some white-bred bitch with blond hair puts herself up on a pedestal and uses a derogatory term for an entire minority group at something that would be considered, at the very least, a "professional" conference.

What I'm angry and disgusted with is the applause she gets in the end. Ann Coulter is a dumb bitch. I really don't think anyone can dispute this fact. With this little conference she has gone from ultra right-winger to conservative fanatic; she's right up there with Pat Robertson now and will soon begin loosing respect across the board.

She is now a certified bigot. Even the most die-hard conservatives I've met all have one thing in common - you don't trump on human rights. Go back 50 years, replace "faggot" with "nigger" and you'd have the exact same response. A bunch of white people thinking they are better than another minority group and feeling they can laugh it up at their expense.

But things change, no one would be able to get away with a statement like that if it focused on a visible minority group. I may be angry and disgusted by the applause she received because the audience is just fucked up as her, but the one thing I won't be is scared. Fear is what conservatives want, it's what put people in the back of the bus and it's what prevents 10 or 11 year old boys from telling their parents, casually, over dinner, that they really, really like the boy next door.

Which brings me to my next point - same-sex marriage. The most recent article about it that I've found at and the jist of it is that the Washington Supreme Court voted against allowing same-sex marriage because according to them, marriage is for procreational purposes and defending traditional marriage ensures families will be made. Now a new law is coming up for debate that says married couples MUST have a child within 3 years of marriage or their marriages will be annulled.

I'm surprised that there isn't outrage against this bill. And I think I may have figured out why...

Try listing as many reasons, for a straight couple, to be against this bill:

"When and if me and my spouse decide to have children is none of the government's business!"

"The government has no right to interfere with the way my spouse and I wish to run our lives!"

"We want to be married, we don't want to have children"

Interesting how these reasons can be said by man or women, gay or straight couple, no? If straight conservative couples deplore this bill, they are inadvertently supporting the exact same rights of same-sex couples. Now I am scared. It'll be interesting to see how this all ends - will straight people allow a bill to pass that will control their lives just so they don't have to open their minds a tinsy weensy bit and understand the troubles faced by gay couples? Or will people smarten up and see that when the government comes into your bedroom, it ain't looking for a threesome?


travis said...

Lets just do some math here. My parents were married in July of '75, my sister was born in April of '79, so she was conceived in around July of '78, but she was a month premature, so that means my parents were over the three year limit. Uh Oh! My parents are no longer married!

My sister got married in August 2004, and is not yet pregnant, Uh Oh, Mandi and Josh better get on that baby making, or they can't be married anymore.

travis said...

So I was at the gym tonight, doing my cardio and on the TV is CNN. They are discussing Ann Coulters slip up or something like that. One person was actually defending her and saying how it is so bad that this is overshadowing how pumped up and excited she made the crowd?!?!?

Hooray for fear and hate mongering!

Madox23 said...

Ann Coulter is funny/sad, she was on W5 and she said Canada was in Vietnam…. and the reported told her no…. Youtube it. I think Coulter is just a by-product of conservatism/ Fox News/ George Bush Jr ( I like to call him G-J). and the States in general. The real tragedy here is that she writes books and people actually buy them! I must say to cleanse yourselves of the Ann Coulter I suggest Youtubbin’ Amy Goodman. Goodman, is on the opposite side of the coin, hosts a popular radio show, Democracy Now. I’d love to see them square off in a debate on Neutral territory, not PBS and definitely not Fox News!