Sunday, April 16, 2006

Kids Just Say NO to Jesus!

So Easter is upon us! Halleujah! I want to recap the backward logic I learned on Good Friday mass (I go to make my mother happy - no need being called a "Jew" by my father all weekend, especially since I have exams)

So backward lesson in logic number 1:
The priest was telling us about how the DaVinci Code takes facts and twists and turns them into a version of truth. Uhhh, what? Isn't that was church leaders in 300 AD did when the voted to consider the Trinity ONE being and not THREE making Christianity monotheistic? Or choosing to follow only 4 gospels out of the dozenS (plural) that were written?

Backward lesson in logic number 2:
The priest then went on to talk about the new discovery of the Gospel of Judas and again claimed that those who believe and "authenicated" that it's real are only doing so to harm the church. His reasoning why it's not real - because church leaders have already claimed it doesnt have the "ring of truth" as the other gospels, hundreds of years ago. He then went on to quote one of the Beatitudes:

"Blessed are those who are presecuted against righteousness for theirs is the Kingdom of God"

Here is a paraphrased quote by Priest Crazy:

"So you see, because the Church is being persecuted left, right and center - we must be doing something right!"

Backward lesson in logic number 3:
During the singing of the intentions (ie let is pray for those that have no found God, that they find him) here is one of the intentions the entire church was asked to pray for:

"Let us pray for politicians that they may lead men onto the paths of truth and freedom"

I think they forgot a part - "except for those silly faggots and dykes, cuz let's face it, they're going to hell anyways - Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner!"

I don't care that they're praying that same-sex marriage is reversed - everyone has a right to think incorrectly - it's that theyhad the audacity to use the word freedom in that intention. It's so contradictory and just WRONG and yet people couldn't see that, because everyone said "Amen" afterwards.

Now here is just a strange and disturbing realization I had during church, during the passion reading, where they read how Jesus was arrested, convicted and dies, they asked the whole congregation to be a part of it and to read along in the Missal, wherever it was marked "S"

EVERY line marked S is that of the sinners, the Jews that demanded Jesus die, Barrabas, Pilate, Judas, Peter Denying Christ, etc.

Do people have any self-respect these days? Yeah, I'm not perfect but to compare me and hard working, church-going folk with people demanding bloodshed and death - fuck, we're NOT THAT BAD!


superlong said...

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Sean said...

I'm sorry Darek, but I'm going to have to side with superlong on this one. He makes a poignant statement about the state of religious ambivalence among the youths of today's modern world.

Better luck next time.